IT savings

Technology Management can save your business money on IT expenses.

Save Dollars

The bottom line – Businesses cost money to run and to grow.
You always have to be cost-conscious and when unexpected expenses crop up, especially when they’re related to your technology systems, it can be a financial disaster depending on how severe the issue is.

Technology Management, specifically “managed services“, are cost effective, flat-rate, proactive services that are easy to budget no matter how large or small your company’s network is.

Technology Management Provides

  • IT management and support for a fixed monthly fee – no more surprises!
  • Guaranteed response times – we address all issues quickly and treat all clients equally no matter how large or small the problem is
  • Highly trained, personable technicians who understand the importance of your technology systems
  • State of the art network management and automation systems

Comparing Technology Management to Traditional Break-Fix IT Support

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like us, benefit most when your network and technology systems are running at their absolute peak. In this way, MSPs are unique because their goals are truly aligned with yours. Why you may ask? It’s due to differences in the business model between technology management and break-fix. MSPs have a vested interest in the success of your network systems.

The following table outlines some of the key differences between break-fix and technology management.
Break-Fix IT Support Managed Service Provider

Costs are varied and unpredictable with a minimum diagnostic fee and/or an uncapped hourly rate with no guarantee the problem can be resolved.

Costs are controlled with a flat-rate monthly fee backed by an SLA guarantee.

There is no incentive to keep your network technology systems running smoothly. Frequent issues means more opportunities to make money.

An MSP can lose money if one of your systems develops an issue, it is important to minimize and prevent problems from occurring.

Response time is varied and a sense of urgency to fix the issue is variable as well. The longer it takes, the more money they make.

Pro-active 24/7 monitoring ensures issues will be identified and addressed immediately. In most cases, problems are identified and fixed before they can even impact your business.

Your biggest IT disaster is their most profitable.

Your biggest IT disaster is an MSPs most costly. An MSP is most profitable when your network is as optimized and stable as possible.


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